Forklift Batteries

New Forklift Batteries 100% Made in the USA By AmericansH&M Service has New Forklift Batteries and Reconditioned Forklift Batteries at great prices.  

We also service and recondition forklift batteries, lift truck batteries, sweeper batteries, and all types of industrial batteries.  

We can work on Forklift Batteries at your location or in our shop.  We are happy to pickup or deliver and install your  forkift batteries.

We have new and used industrial battery chargers in stock.

We have the capability of desulfating batteries so if your forklift batteries are not lasting a full shift; we can get the sulfation off the lead plates, equalize the acid and get your battery back up to standard. This process is applied to all of our reconditioned batteries.

Please call us for Forklift Batteries, Industrial Batteries and Sweeper Batteries!







 Forklift Battery Prices change. Please call today for up to date prices!













H&M Service stocks Toyota Forklift Batteries, Hyster Forklift Batteries, Clark Forklift Batteries, Crown Forklift Batteries, Caterpillar Forklift Batteries, Drexel Forklift Batteries, Nissan Forklift Batteries, Raymond Forklift Batteries, Yale Forklift Batteries and others.