Pallet Jacks

Walkie Pallet Jack

Walkie (walk behind) Pallet Jacks are electric. They are designed to move pallets that are on the floor. They can be used to load and unload trucks and move pallets of product around a staging area or across a warehouse.

Walkie Type Pallet Jacks require the least amount of space to turn around. The operator walks behind the jack while operating it. They are used to move pallets short distances.

Rider Pallet Jacks

Rider Pallet Jacks have a platform for the operator to stand on while operating the unit. Rider Pallet Jacks are used when pallets of product have to be moved a longer distance. Rider jacks come in single length and double length. Double length pallet jacks will move two pallets at a time, end to end across a very long distance making them the more economical means to transport pallets of goods across a warehouse, to or from the loading dock.