Cushion Tire Forklift

Cushion Tire Forklifts are available in 2,000-100,000 lb. Capacity

Cushion IV lifts are designed to be used on smooth floors. They do not operate well outside on asphalt in the hot summer months. These make ideal warehouse lifts where loading and unloading trucks is their main function as well as moving palletized material from one area to another, especially where double stacking is necessary.

Cushion IV forklifts utilize internal combustion engines. In multi-shift or long shift operations this type of lift will be more cost and space effective than sit down electric lifts due to not having to change batteries and have a charging/changing area.

The smaller Cushion IV lifts are predominantly LP gas but the larger units utilize diesel engines for lifting and carrying heavy loads. Quad masts are commonly used on Cushion IV lifts for reaching high storage areas.