4 Wheel Electric Sitdown Forklift

4 Wheel Electric Sitdown Forklifts, available in 2,000 lb. to 100,000 lb Capacity

Electric Four-Wheel Sit Down Rider - Class 1 forklifts are intended for inside use only; however pneumatic tire types may be used outside on less than smooth terrain in dry weather.

These battery powered lifts should never be used outside in the rain due to the potential of electric components getting wet. These lifts are fueled by 24-80 volt batteries weighing 1500-8000 pounds. The battery must be charged at regular intervals depending on the amount of running/lifting time it is used during a shift.

New batteries are designed to operate a lift for six continuous hours (average 8-hour shift), then be fully charged without interruption, and then allowed to cool down before being put back in to operation. All functions of these lifts are operated by electric motors; forward/reverse drive, hydraulics and steering.

These lifts are the most economical to operate providing the battery is in good condition and maintained properly. These lifts are the ideal warehouse and production area lifts where exhaust or noise is a factor.

Any "green" facility will choose these lifts over internal combustion engine lifts.