Forklift Battery Service

H&M Service has reconditioned batteries and new batteries available at great prices.  We also service and recondition forklift batteries, scrubber and sweeper batteries, golf cart batteries, all types of industrial batteries as well as automotive batteries.

We can work on batteries at your location or in our shop.  We are happy to pickup, deliver and install forkift batteries. We have the capability of desulfating batteries so if your battery isn't lasting a full shift, we can remove the sulfation from the lead plates, equalize the acid and get your battery back up to standard. At the same time we will clean and neutralize acid residue from the outside of the battery, paint it and/or replace the cables and connector if necessary so that it also looks like a new battery.  

This process is applied to all of our reconditioned batteries. Periodic battery service ensures a longer battery life. 

Please call us for any battery service needs you have!

The friendly staff at H&M Service has all the training, education and experience to work on BBI Forklift Batteries, GNB Forklift Batteries, GB Industrial Forklift Batteries and Deka Batteries. 

We have the training, tools and experience to get it right the first time.